1950 siaspeed siafast

1950 siaspeed siafast

sia Abrasives


  • Sanding of filler compound, polyester, GRP
  • Shaping of primer filler
  • Producing a mat finish on lacquers
  • Smoothing of transitions, sanding out of rust spots and stone chips
  • Keying of new parts and factory primer



  • Grit:         Mixed grit types, semi friable aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide
  • Coating:                 electrostatic
  • Bonding:                synthetic resin
  • Backing:                paper or film
  • Grit range:             P40 - P1500


  • High-performance sanding mineral ensures very high removal rate and long life
  • New stearate concept reduces clogging
  • Consistent, uniform finish
  • Full grit range from P40 - P1500 available in a single series



  • Removal rate:              Very high
  • Lifetime:                     Very long
  • Stability:                     Flexible, graduated according to application
  • Finish:                          Good



  • Steel sheet
  • Aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Body filler
  • Primer filler
  • Varnishes and paints


Available forms:

  •            Sanding disc
  •            Sanding strip
  •            Sanding rolls


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