1948 Siaflex

1948 Siaflex

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1948 siaflex is designed for manual sanding and portable machine sanding and achieves high removal rates while producing an excellent finish. The complete product range, in various shapes and hole patterns, is available in a range of grit sizes from 40 to 1500.


  • High stock removal with good finish
  • Highly flexible and adaptable to contours
  • Minimal clogging thanks to open coating in 220 – 600 grit range
  • Long lifetime
  • Suitable for general use in dry and wet sanding applications
  • Versatile all-round product with an attractive range of options


  • Sanding off coatings and impurities
  • Sanding out of unevenness at the edges of repaired surfaces
  • Flatting of body filler and primer filler
  • Fine sanding of primer filler
  • Keying old and new paints
  • Removal of orange-peel effect and dust inclusions

May be used wet or dry
Due to the continuous development of suction technology and grinding machines, wet grinding is increasingly becoming a niche application. However, wet sanding applications will always be an alternative solution for certain applications, and specifically clear coat rework. The 1948 siaflex series for both wet and dry applications caters to the different requirements and preferences of global markets and users. 

Dry application 
Machine sanding produces a finer surface finish than manual sanding. To achieve the same surface quality as in machine sanding, it is necessary to use one grit finer during manual sanding.
Wet sanding 
To achieve the same result with wet sanding as with dry application, it is necessary to sand with one to two grits finer. 

Product profile

Grit type Blue-fired aluminium oxide, white aluminium oxide
Grit range P40 – P1500
Backing Glassfibre-reinforced latex paperr

electrostatic P40 – P180

electrostatic open P220 – P600

electrostatic  P800 – P1500

Bonding Vollkunstharz

Stearate P180 – P800  

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